We maintain speed and quality with a lean, smart and agile team which creates a richer digital experience.

Many Minds, One Vision

Client services, creative services, technology and digital marketing are integral parts of every project. At Teneleven each discipline is involved from beginning to end on every project. Rather than putting the teams in different rooms (or in different cities), we sit together and work collaboratively. In this way we maximize the development of efficiencies and, at the end of the day, create a better product for your business.

  • Websites are a wonderful mix of creative, technical and business issues. In our 25 plus years, we’ve become expert in each of these facets as well as the dynamic of managing them all simultaneously. Layer on top of that the often-competing marketing agendas of Brand and DR and you have a uniquely challenging engagement.

    We’ll work through all of these issues with you to craft a project scope specific to you and your customers. After we’ve nailed that, our creative and technical teams come together to create the user experience and advanced functionality that will not only impress your site visitors, but that will drive your bottom line as well.

  • We develop applications with your success in mind. Honed by years of experience in creating effective online interactions; our team will help you create a robust, scalable, enterprise level solution.

    We’re invested in your success. From analyzing the idea to creating a plan, execution, training and deployment; our team is with you every step of the way. The challenge is to merge sophisticated functionality with engaging design and an effortless interface.

    Our approach gives us a unique perspective from which we can confidently recommend the right tool for the job every time, and the expertise to use that tool to its fullest capability to deliver your application.

  • Creating digital noise is easy, generating results is not. Understanding our clients’ goals, and researching the markets in which they compete, establishes the foundation upon which our strategies and tactics are crafted. Whether creating quality brand impressions, generating leads or selling online, we deliver measurable results.

    We excel in all the core digital tactics of; search, social, digital advertising and email. Beyond that, we are also experienced in; omni-channel, DTC, affiliates, marketplaces and even old-timey traditional marketing services.


Client Services

  • Strategy, Goals & Metrics
  • Project Management (Agile, Scrum)
  • Market & Competitor Research
  • Content Development / Data Normalization
  • Use-Case Development
  • Testing & QC

Creative Services

  • UI / UX Design
  • Campaign Creation
  • Copywriting / Copyediting
  • Photography / Illustration / Videography
  • Pattern Library Development
  • Traditional Marketing


  • Application Development
  • PHP: Symfony 2 / Backbone / Javascript.
  • Front-End: HTML 5 / CSS 3 / Bootstrap
  • CMS: Drupal / Bolt / SaaS's
  • E-Commerce: Sylius / Shopify / Drupal

Digital Marketing

  • Email
  • Search
  • Social Media
  • Digital Advertising
  • Affiliates & Marketplaces
  • Analytics & Attribution